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ALOHA! In an effort to help you, the traveler, we have some tips to make you travel experience more enjoyable. Some of these tips you may already know or they may not apply to you depending on your travel experience. Happy Traveling!



  1. Use your frequent flyer mileage as often as possible. The airlines are always changing the redemption amount and it usually increases. It is also difficult to use those miles due to limited availability. So it is best to use your miles whenever you can.
  2. If you are traveling and you have a flexible schedule. Give up your seat if your flight is over-booked. Sometimes you can get on a flight later the same day and you may even get First Class seats, you never know.
  3. Take advantage of free things. Many hotels/resorts will offer free continental, warm breakfasts, kids stay or eat free, 2 for 1 cruise specials, repositioning cruises, for air for a cruise special and many other things. Always keep your eye open for a good deal and take advantage.
  4. Stay in a condo. or even rent a house so you can cook your own meals. Going out to eat can really add up.
  5. Share a meal with others; often times when traveling you go out to eat and the meals are so large that you don't finish so you end up leaving food behind as you don't want to take leftover food to your room.
  6. Evaluate what you really need. Do you really need to rent such a large vehicle? Smaller vehicles generally use less gasoline.
  7. Be careful what you pack. Do you really need to take so much luggage with the additional fee's airlines charge? Be sure to find out what your airlines charge for one piece, two piece etc.
  8. Be careful of the time when you travel, high season vs. low season. Resorts will offer more incentives during low season and better deals on airline tickets and car rental fee's can generally be found.
  9. Bring your own water bottle and be sure to fill it up before going out for the day. This is especially helpful when going to amusement parks.
  10. Travel during off-peak times, especially if you don't have kids in school. Be flexible, even with the days of the week you travel, i.e. Monday through Thursday are generally the best days for airfare.

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  Other Travel Tips...


  • Upon receipt of any itineraries for flights, hotels or cars, be sure to review immediately for accuracy.
  • Have two forms of valid photo ID when traveling (most common are Passports and Drivers License).
  • Keep all traveler's check receipts separate from your travelers checks; also keep a record of which checks you used.
  • Always have an alternative plan to obtain money: i.e. credit card, ATM card (be sure to check the back of the card if it is Cirrus, Plus and etc.), personal check, Traveler's checks, cash. Know someone who has access to Western Union, in extreme emergency.
  • Be sure your Credit Card and ATM cards' magnetic strips are in working order.
  • Keep your Credit Card customer service phone number and account number of the Credit Cards separate from the card to call in to cancel, in case it is stolen or lost.
  • Be cautious when traveling to unfamiliar areas. Protect your wallet, purse, valuables, etc. at all times.
  • Whenever possible, do not carry articles outside your clothing. Utilize money belts, passport holders, etc.
  • Do not draw attention to yourself by displaying large amounts of cash and expensive jewelry/valuables.
  • If possible, utilize credit cards which have your photo on the card.
  • Be prepared at all times for possible illness with a small medicine kit to include Band-Aids and medicine for diarrhea, flu’s, colds, motion sickness, sore throats, and headaches.
  • Keep in mind when traveling that you are a guest; therefore, respect other customs and the environment at all times.
  • Be sure all bags/luggage is marked with luggage tags to include name, address phone number etc., including all carry-on bags.
  • Be sure to notify your credit card agencies of your destinations you will be travelling.


  • Call in to confirm your flight 72 hours and the night before all flight departures to obtain any schedule changes (specific flight numbers and times). Call the specific airline.
  • Check-in at the airport with valid picture I.D. approximately two hours before your flight departure.
  • When checking in be sure to re-confirm all flights again as well as any frequent flyer numbers.
  • Keep your seatbelt fastened at all times when seated.
  • Get plenty of rest on the flight.
  • Drink plenty of decaffeinated and non-alcoholic fluids, i.e. no coffee, soda's, beer, wine etc.

    • All special fares and discounted tickets (if applicable) are non-refundable, any questions, refer to agent.
    • Ticket changes (if applicable) start at $100 per ticket plus additional fees, any questions, refer to agent.


    • Report any suspicious activity immediately to the management.
    • Don't invite strangers to your room and keep room keys out of site to prevent any thefts.
    • Utilize the front door entrance to and from the parking lot at night.
    • Be sure all sliding glass doors or windows and connecting room doors are locked.
    • If a hotel offers the use of a safe, be sure to utilize it. Do not leave valuables in a hotel or anywhere unattended.
    • Keep the door locked and double latched at all times. If someone knocks, be sure to use the peephole/ask who it may be at the door.


    • Never leave valuables in your car.
    • When checking in be sure to re-confirm all information/rates again as well as any frequent flyer numbers.
    • Check over your rental vehicle for damages caused by someone else and, if some are found, do not leave the rental agency until you report them to the rental agency.


  • Be sure Passports and Visas are all prepared for travel at least 30 days in advance prior to travel. Passports must be valid for at least six months after return from travel.
  • If traveling with a partner give them a photocopy of your passport as well as leave a photocopy of your passports with someone at home.
  • Keep the phone number & e-mail address of the home person written on a piece of paper inside your passport as well as on the photocopy of your passport of the person who is in charge of things at home and has the photocopy of your passport.
  • Know the language of the country you are traveling to and have a dictionary with you if needed.
  • Use your Credit Cards or ATM cards when obtaining foreign currency, they generally give you the best exchange rate.
  • Be aware of import and export allowances, i.e. restrictions on the amount of alcohol, tobacco and other goods you are allowed to leave with and bring in to the country.
  • Check-in at the airport approximately three hours before your flight departure.
  • When checking in be sure to have your valid Passport with you.
  • If traveling to a foreign country, see your doctor for all necessary shots and immunizations.
  • Be aware of tipping customs and departure taxes for the country you are traveling in.
  • When going through customs, be cooperative and on your best behavior at all times.
  • Be aware of agricultural restrictions, i.e. plants, fruits, other vegetation, animal parts (feathers, bone, etc).
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